The story of a photographer

I first called myself a photographer in 2013...photographing friends, taking pictures for the yearbook staff, and generally having no idea what I was doing. Looking back, I can only laugh at the work I was producing. It can best be described as a whole lot of excitement with very little direction and absolutely no understanding of light or my equipment. But we all start somewhere, right?

Flash forward to 2015 and I'm in Florence, Alabama shooting youth sports for a well known photography company now named Sports Central. Here I learned that I HATED shooting youth sports. Like, really really hated it.... but I was making money and learning a massive amount about my camera. This is also the point at which I dropped out of college....sorry dad. As a student who had been pegged to be highly successful in furthering my education, this came as a shock to many!

From early 2016 to the end of 2018 I worked for another photographer in East-Central Alabama. I spent most of my time editing...and editing....and editing. During the busy season I could easily cull through 6,000 photos in one week. This was a season of intense learning. These 3 years taught me to look for the details and gave me an eye for light. Fall of 2018 my boss dropped a huge bomb- he was closing up shop. I was recently married....just bought a house...and had a 1 year old. Crushed. This was not in my plan.

At this point I had absolutely no direction for my career. I remember my husband saying to me "If anyone can do this and be successful, it's you." Although I don't know that I've reached "success", or that I ever will, I'm so thankful that he believed in my business before even I could.

January of 2019 Hallmark Studios was born. TA-DAAA!!!! I feel like there should be some sparklers that go off behind me every time I say that. Man, this was a huge leap of faith! This first year in business led me to meet some of the most amazing clients. It was a year of busting. my. butt. It was a year of learning and discipline. 2019 taught me that being my own boss was definitely the way to go!

In 2023 I hope to continue growing and loving this business. I plan to attack the year with a more intentional vision and better direction.

Thank you to my clients who have been along for this wild ride. I can't wait to see where we are in another year.